• We are a full service Internet Marketing agency.
  • We do more than just Web Site Design.
  • We help you achieve your business and social goals online.
  • And we do it economically.

A Full service Internet Marketing and Web Design Agency. 100% Made in Egypt.

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Welcome to our Web Site

As you learn more about us you will realize that we love the Internet, doing your web site is not work for us it is what we wake up in the morning to do.

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About us: A Leading Web Design Company

For over 10 years we have been working with clients closely to create designs that serve their business goals. This is what we love to do and we do it with a passion. While other people resist change we love it, we love the constantly changing nature of the Internet and we make it work for you. Website-Design-Egypt.com is the Avant Garde face of Elmotaheda Web.

Professional Web Design

Our design professionals work hard to turn your ideas into attractive and engaging designs. It is not just about looking good but about improving your bottom line while looking great.

Social Media Marketing

The social media revolution is a challenge to businesses world wide. We work with you to make the best of it. Facebook, twitter, linkedin don't worry we cover them all and more.

Great Support

We are there for you. We make sure that your web site and business work in the best possible way. We have the best business class secure servers and backup plans of any company in Egypt.

The right formula

Our experience has taught us the needed amounts of everything online. We work with you to implement the online activities that give you the maximum return on investment.

What we do

Our team is skilled in nearly every technical and artistic aspect needed for success online. Below is a sample of our skills since we do not want to waste your time with reading every thing we learnt in more than 10 years. Click in a skill below.

Our web design process starts with learning as much as we can about your business and listening carefully to what you want to achieve. We then go through multiple designs and design stages refining the design until we are both happy with the final design.

An attractive web site design will become worthless very fast if you can not easily edit and renew its content. And for this we employ a content management system to allow you to easily edit your web site. The most used CMS in the world is WordPress and we are wordpress experts, but we do not limit you to wordpress. We have excellent knowledge of other CMS systems like drupal and WebGUI among others and will help you pick the best one for your particular needs.

Egypt is moving very fast in e-commerce, the number of online stores and the amount of online business being done is increasing in double digit figures. We can produce efficient online stores that engage users and incentivise them to buy online with a cost that is very competitive. We also work closely with you to market your products online and is social media.

We are full service agency, whether you need us to write your content, translate it, edit it or even photograph and film it we are ready to offer you these add on services. We have created hundreds of thousands of pages of content ( really ) and more. We are a one stop shop, you do not have to go through the headache of dealing with separate entities to get the work done.

A web site without visitors is like a party without guest. We work closely with you to understand the profile of your intended customer and then we create a plan to explore the best ways to reach that audience with the lowest possible cost per eyeball. If you sell online we do not just work to get visitors but we create systems that allow us to see which online marketing channel gives the highest grossing sales.

Doing sales from excel or from a phone book is like having a dinosaur for a pet. Our CRM systems allow you to manage your sales from anywhere. You get full reports about the productivity of your sales force, you get a full and detailed history of the sales process of every sale or lead. You make sure your sales people do not forget to follow up leads. And you get that without having to re-enter the data that your web site visitors put in the contact us pages, since it is automatically entered into the sales system pipeline. Do it like its the 21st century.

We love technology and live to play with new electronic toys, but we realize that our clients need results not entertainment. We only recommend technologies that have proven themselves time and time again to deliver good return on investment. Sometimes when a client just want a wow factor we will throw caution to the wind and work with you to show your clients something really new.

Top notch hosting

While other companies rely on commodity shared hosting we run our own dedicated servers. The difference is huge in terms of speed and reliability. Hosting companies usually sell thousands of web sites and cram them on one server. Not with us, we have our own servers that host only our clients, this means there are less web sites fighting to get their fair share of server resources. And for larger web sites we recommend our clients to take a VPS or dedicated server from us. We employ the latest technologies like Solid state disks to make sure your site is really fast. 

  • Firewall and Web application firewalls help prevent hacking your web site..
  • We guarantee that our servers will never have average cpu usage over 60%.
  • Latest hardware including SSD and Multicore CPUs ensure server speed.
  • Hosting in Europe ensures your site is faster than USA hosting for Egypt and fast enough world wide.
  • DDOS protections mean even larger scale hacks may be avoided with our servers.
  • We take our servers seriously and provide you with hosting that is not comparable to commodity shared hosting.

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Days Worked in this company

Domains Done by us

Different server locations

Year of first web site by CEO

Our Portfolio

We are proud of the the designs and online marketing we have done for our clients. Here is a small selection of our recent work.

Our Management Team

A closely knit team of people that share a love for the Internet and a passion to create and be different.

Its a Mobile world

Our responsive web sites work on Mobiles and tablets too!

Mobile Phones

Whether from Iphone or Android phones our responsive web sites will reformat themselves for the smaller screens.


Tablets are becoming the default browsing device for busy executives and people on the go. Your responsive web site will take advantage of the larger screen of a tablet.


On larger screens our web sites will take advantage of the extra space and display your web site in its full glory.

Social ready

Whether on mobile, tablet or desktop your site visitor most probably has facebook or their favourite social network open and we make it easy for them to share your site with friends.

What Clients Say

Our clients words not ours, ask them!


Experience and Dedication to the Internet as a Media and Technology makes us a good partner. Click on an item to get more info.


Over 11 years of experience as a company and more than that in individual experiences of our team members. With us you can be comfortable that you are dealing with a mature and stable Egyptian company that has served many clients. Our experience also helps us in choosing the right technology for your needs. Our 11 years made us deal with clients from nearly every industry, we thus have a deep appreciation for the different needs of different clients. You do not need to waste your time with a company that will take a lot of effort to understand your general business needs since we will automatically zoom in on what makes your company unique.

Cost and value

We are not an expensive agency, we do not believe in overcharging for our services. We prefer to always be busy with moderately priced services rather than have a lot of free time while doing high priced work. But we are not the cheapest, yes you will be able to find cheaper companies, but we really doubt that you will find a company that is cheaper than us that will provide our value.

Fair bussiness

We fully believe in fair business practices and win-win scenarios. We always give back to our community whenever we can. We will never try to sell you something you do not need. We try to optimize your budget as if we are spending it from our budget not getting it as revenue.


Yes we can be both mature and crazy at the same time! We can let go of all our inhibitions and go crazy when needed by creativity. We can be daring and on the cutting edge if you ask us to. Remember crazy is not easy to do right.

Mature Technology

Maturity makes a big difference in the digital world. Many companies will try to sell you the latest versions of software or absolute latest tech. We do not do that, we only sell the services which we know <strong>stable</strong>. For example even though SSD tech speeds up database access by over 10 times, we used it for over two years on our own desktops and web sites before we put such new and fast tech on the servers that have our client’s important data. Why wait all this time, well because there is nothing like loosing your client’s data on new and untested technologies. Even after waiting for two years we where among the first companies to have this technology in Egypt! We test early to make sure you get the best solutions from us.


Since we first started we have offered integrated services for the online world.  We can tie your online marketing to your website and make both work towards getting leads that are handled and processed through our CRM ( Customer Relationship Management ) software that manages your entire sales cycle from a web based interface. This end to end solution enables you to get statistics that show you which online marketing activity is driving not just the most visitors to your site, but the most actual sales.  Call it smarts for the 21st century.

Our Commitment to you

We promise to satisfy your needs 100%

More Services we offer

We have more to offer you

Our Pricing Tables

This is a guide to our prices, we offer many seasonal discounts, and customizations

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Social Media Design

  • Starts at 2500LE

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